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Interior that looks Neu​

A home is a home regardless of renting or owning. And a clean living space can speak volumes of a person's character. NeuScapes Property Maintenance believes that for owners to get the best tenants possible that they maintain the inside like they themselves live there. No need for crown molding or gold leaf, but a clean and bright interior will attract quality



If cleaning was so easy, everyone would do it. But it's not easy if done correctly. That is the truth. NeuScapes is a professional cleaning service that charges fairly and cleans exceptionally. The service includes residential and commercial. Housekeeping isn't necessarily what we offer, but if we do accept the job, clients are promised to be serviced by professional cleaners. We are bonded and insured for your protection.


Sometimes the interior just needs a fresh coat of paint in it. Whether we are doing simple paint to match touch-up in an apartment or completely repainting the inside of a house with new colors, NeuScapes maintains a high level of attention to quality.  

Handyman Repair

Handymen are considered a "jack of all trades, but masters of none." NeuScapes disagrees as our service people have strong foundations in construction, HVAC, or some other field. Our workers are knowledgeable in many crafts. Replacing a disposal, changing out drains or faucets, and even installing a new appliance we can handle. But here is our disclaimer: We reserve the right to decline any job we believe must be handled by a specialist.

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