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Neu Outdoor Maintenance

When it comes to NeuScapes Property Maintenance, our outdoor services are a cut, spray, and push above the rest

Mowing & Trimming

As a client, we price according to amount of grass and landscape. Prior to mowing, our crew walks the property and picks up any trash.  We then mow and trim. Once mowing and trimming is over, we pull weeds from all flower beds. This is the weekly routine. 

Depending upon the layout, we will utilize whichever mower proves the most efficient. We have a zero-turn riding mower and a walk behind mower. The only question with the walk behind is bagged clippings or mulch it. We are capable of handling commercial, residential, and foreclosure properties.


Sprinklers supply water...the liquid of life to all living things. When it comes to grass, we want to make sure your properties are getting enough water to be green without being saturated. That is why we are very thorough when first turning on the system. We check to make sure all heads are spraying and all grass is being covered. We do monthly sprinkler checkups unless we find a broken one prior to the next checkup. If broken, we replace as quickly as possible.

Tree and shrub pruning is essential to maintaining a well manicured landscape. Whether it's shaping bushes, shortening shrubs, or trimming dead or problematic tree limbs, NeuScapes loves to see a smile of satisfaction when we complete our job. Typically, all pruning is done monthly starting in March/April for spring cleanup.

Tree & Shrub Pruning
Snow Removal

Though only seasonal in Idaho, snow removal is one service we take very serious. When it snows a little, we go out to clear sidewalks and stairwells so our clients/tenants dont run the risk of slipping on ice and getting injured. We remove the snow and then throw down ice melt to keep them clear.

When it snows heavy, we drop the blade and clear snow in parking lots and driveways. We also clear sidewalk and stairs, but what good is that  if you can't get out of your parking spot or driveway.


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