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NeuScapes Yard Care Program

The "NEU Deal" Yard Care Program starts in March and runs until the end of October. The program consists of  the 28 lawn maintenance stipulated below. The contract states that the signer of the contract for a designated address is retaining the services of our company for lawn maintenance in accordance to the schedule. At the signer's request, additional services offered by NeuScapes can include sprinkler turn-ons, repair, and winterization, as well as spring and/or fall clean-up. Click here or on the NEU Deal button below to open a contract.

***If the signer requests a spraying service to further benefit the landscape, NeuScapes will subcontract accordingly for an additional cost at the signer's expense.





                         March           {}            April            {}            May            {}            June            {}            July            {}            August            {}            September          {}          October


Mowings:            1                                    4                                 4                                 4                                5                                  4                                          5                                      1


Additional:   Spring Cleanup         Turn-Ons                                                                 1/2 through contract                                                                Fall Cleanup            Winterization


Sprinkler Turn-Ons:        ($45-$85)

- opening up main water lines

- checking the backflow or return system

- adjusting timers on irrigation boxes

- (additional material cost) replacing heads or gear-drives


Winterization:   (starting at $35 for 6 stations;

$12 for every 2 additional stations)

- closing main water lines

- turning off timer boxes

- blowing out sprinkler lines

Weekly Lawn Maintenance:  (Price on contract)

- pick up trash around property

- trimming lawn edges and around trees/beds

- mowing grass

- blowing excess lawn debris

- weed control in flower beds, sidewalks,& driveways (monthly)

Spring/Fall Cleanup: ($22/hr per employee)

* Spring Cleanup

   - removing dead debris from flower beds

   - shaping shrubs

   - pruning dead branches off trees


* Fall Cleanup

   - raking & bagging fallen leaves

   - pruning rose/flower bushes

   - removing overgrowth

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